Telco & IT

Today, Myanmar is one of the hottest emerging markets for the Telecommunication and Information Technology sectors. It is becoming even more so every day and will be in the next few years. UMG, with its strong workforce and an established footprint in Myanmar, has made an entry into these sectors.
In 2014, UMG and its international business partner established “Kiwi&I”, a company that secured distributorship rights with Ooredoo Myanmar, distributing their SIM cards and top-up cards. We continue to develop this business and aim to be the leading force in Myanmar.
To develop these areas even further, UMG is investing in more businesses in the Telecommunication and Information Technology, such as Fiber Optic network and its various applications home and businesses, as well as building e-commerce and other online capabilities. This is now an exciting era for the industry and UMG is proud to be making a great impact.

Telco & IT (in development)

At the start of 2015, UMG is developing a technology division that specializes in enabling people through connectivity. We are investing and researching to develop Fiber Optic network and its various applications that support home and businesses. To complete the ecosystem, we are also building contents, e-commerce and other online capabilities. From today and in the next few years, Myanmar online market will be growing in record numbers. UMG is here to ensure that we enable that to happen. Relentless Pursuit of Excellence!

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‘Kiwi&I’, a recently established company under UMG, entered the Telecommunication business sector in July 2014, after signing an agreement with Ooredoo. At present, the company distributes Ooredoo SIM and top-up cards in more than18 townships in Mandalay. Growth in this business unit is strong and we intend to maximize our position in this sector.
We are committed to play an integral role to facilitate the way Myanmar people communicate, the way they do business, get medical services and education, and how they spend leisure time.