CEO’S Message

During the history of our company, conditions have never been changing so rapidly in the environment, from political and economical situations to the nature of our business environment. We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create your own future. Riding the wave of positive changes in Myanmar, we are now expanding faster than ever in harmony with the environment. Now more than ever, we need to stay “true” to our values on our way to the 2020 vision of becoming a Billion Dollar Company. To continue to grow in this changing environment, we need an exceptional ability to adapt. At UMG, people are trained to “think” on their feet, and to make quick decisions and actively adapt directions at all levels in the organization.
People / At the core of our business are ‘people’. We believe that having loyal and satisfied customers is only possible with loyal and satisfied employees. Counting on our brilliant people, we feel confident to overcome all the countless challenges towards our vision.
Leadership / Our success will be rooted not only in the application of modern management methods such as ISO Standard Processes, Systems Thinking, or Lean Processes, but in the capacity of our leaders before and above everything. At UMG we have always invested heavily in developing leaders who understand and live the principles and values of our company. The engine of systemic and sustainable change is driven by UMG people, led by top-notch leaders.
Relentless Pursuit of Excellence / Our strategy is to move from good to better, and from better to the best, while staying true to our identity and values. We should always remember that our customers are the ones who have made us who are today. Excellence in providing the fastest and most pleasant customer service will continue to remain our number one priority.

Kiwi Aliwarga / CEO