The Humble Beginning


Our original company name, United Machinery, was founded back in 1998, in the midst of Asian financial crisis, where we started with just four personnel working for the company, including myself. The main reason to build the company is and has always been to deliver smile. Smile to our people and all who interact with us.
Our guiding principles have been and always will be to provide the best service to our customers, to foster a relentless pursuit of excellence of all UMG-ians, and a management that always look up to the esteem of human dignity.
We started with generator and H.E. parts trading with a limited amount of capital. Along the way, we built and earned the trust of our customers as well as our own UMG-ians. We have built ourselves up as one of Myanmar leading companies with positive contribution to society that always strive to prosper with our nation and its people.
UMG might be the earliest organization that has built a Center of Excellence in Myanmar and we could see now some of our alumni have been in the business quite successfully, and UMG as a corporation believe it is a measurement of success in building people for the betterment of our nation.

The Challenges


We endured one of the most difficult times in UMG history when our government made decisions without understanding the actual condition and refused to act in a fairly manner, which resulted in the closure of our United Machinery name.
However, we managed to endure one of the most painful history of our organization due to our previous government choosing to repeatedly rule without justice systems.
Frankly, UMG can only survive because of fellow UMG-ians who believe and put their trust in us. We will never thank you enough for those who have been helping UMG to stand until today.
And we also would like to thank our previous government who has given us a test of life in UMG that made us re-think the overall meaning of our existence and move forward positively.
Since then, UMG started to invest in areas outside of Myanmar with the same believe to prosper with the nation that we live in. Now not only Myanmar, UMG runs a full operation in Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam and PNG. This makes UMG the first Myanmar ingenious company that is truly a regional player in Asia pacific, headquartered in Myanmar. Once again we thank our previous military government that made our UMG grew stronger and become a pride of Myanmar in its own way.
Also UMG started to invest in the areas outside of capital goods due to the nature of our industry. We jumped into consumer goods and we chose food. We built our food industry by our own UMG-ians effort without any Joint Venture (JV) with others (nobody was willing to enter a JV with a machinery company for food).
We, UMG, proudly achieved another milestone by successfully launching snack lines of Win Food. We believe Win Food will become a major or the best food company in Myanmar within a decade. We also thank the people who made our dream come true in the food industry and we are confident with all of your innovation and effort, we can make our dream a reality.

UMG Today


Today, UMG with over 2000 workforce in Myanmar alone and reaching 3000 in regional areas, are facing bigger challenges on how to bring better prosperity to nation that we operate in.
Education is one sector that UMG has major concerns with. It is proven in the market today by people in the industry, who claim UMG as the best place to learn. We are kind of proud of the words and at the same time it would give us much more responsibility to keep progressing better.
Today, we developed 6 major businesses in Myanmar that cover Distribution, Infrastructure Development, Resources, Food, Education & Entertainment and Financial Services.
We are still in the infant stages of financial service business but we are confident that Win Finance will become a major player in this industry.
As UMG, we will continue to innovate and relentlessly pursue excellence in everything that what we do. It is not only for ourselves but for giving back to society through education both in knowledge and religious beliefs. We will try to build UMG-ians with ethical values and positive characters so that we could bring prosperity to the nation and not only self.
We, UMG will always be with the nation where we operate in, always relentlessly pursue to prosper with the nation.

Relentless pursuit of excellence!
Kiwi Aliwarga