About us


UMG and its diverse business units have been established since Myanmar government started implementing the nationwide special projects to enhance the development of the whole country. UMG Group of Companies was founded in 1998. Sales, Maintenance, Hiring and Remanufacturing are the main pillars of our organization. On the 14th Anniversary of UMG, we were awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certification. We have approximately 2000 strong UMG-ians behind us, spread across the country, operating in our Head Office, 17 branches, and growing. UMG is now standing as a great industry leader who provides the best services and has acquired the satisfaction of the customers. We are taking part significantly in major projects but also participating in other fields such as Education, Health, Religion and Social Humanitarian activities. UMG is and will always be actively working towards the well-being, prosperity and progress of the nation and its people.